piston honda

Wavetable oscillator with variable interpolation resolution. Two ROMs are onboard, each containing 256 waveforms in 16 banks. Waves may be smoothly morphed or violently jumped in two dimensions. It's up to you. The degree of discontinuity these waveform changes is voltage controllable.

Instead of using the internal Piston for waveform lookup, why not plug in an external oscillator or anything else? You can also use a gate input to instantly toggle between ROM chips.

An optional expansion board provides six more ROM sockets for use with Blacet/Wiard-format waveform data. Use wave256 software to write your own data. Plans for getting that data onto our little EEPROMs will be posted soon.


2 ROM slots standard, 256 waves each (16 waves per bank)
Interpolation discontinuity modulation
Voltage-controlled waveform selection
External oscillator input
ROM select facility
Dedicated square wave output
Hard digital synchronization input

Optional daughterboard:

Slots for 6x serial EEPROM. Miniwave/Waveform City format data.

+/-12V Doepfer-style power connector
Panel size: 15HP



coming soon