polivoks vcf

The Harvestman is proud to present the first widely available modular
release of the Polivoks filter circuit. The filter is made via a collaboration with the synth's original designer, Vladimir Kuzmin, and Shawn Cleary of Analogue Haven. The filter circuit is identical to the original
design and uses the exact same schematic as the Polivoks synthesizer as well as new old stock Soviet integrated circuits (KR140UD1208 and KR140UD608, not Western "equivalents"). A signal mixer and bipolar CV
multiplier were added in order to use the filter within the modular realm
but no other additions are present. This helps to preserve the unique and
unstable sound character without compromising signal flow authenticity.

First sold in the USSR in 1982, the Polivoks was the first voltage-controlled Soviet synthesizer. Boasting an impressive set of features comparable to Western designs, the synthesizer was noted for its extremely aggressive sound, particularly within the filter. Easy to overload, unstable at high Q values, and self-oscillating with a dirty pulse.

Soviet iron smuggled to the harvestman by axon vox.


Made in cooperation with Vladimir Kuzmin
Manual and voltage-controlled cutoff frequency
Manual control of resonance
Bipolar CV input multiplier
2-input signal mixer (easily overdrives filter)
Low- and bandpass outputs
Original Soviet integrated circuits - no capacitors used in the design!

Panel size: 10HP


Manual Download (pdf format)

sound clips

Functional tests:
(input signal is two oscillators in unison)

lowpass sweeps, increasing resonance
audio-rate FM, sinusoidal modulator
bandpass output tests
inverted bandpass mixer feedback trick

More musical audio demonstrations coming soon!

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